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A bicycle were always found
A mobile phone were always returned
A pet could find its owner
A lost heirloom made it to its next bride

Everything you own in the palm of your hand!

TrackMole has engineered an empowering platform for you to create an inventoried list of all your hard-earned property and most valued memories and treasures. Once entered into TrackMole, anyone, at any time, from any place can run its unique number and let you know who has it, where it is, and how to get it back--without even knowing who you are.

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In your home, your business, your life, you own trackable assets like mobile devices, tools, furniture, and hundreds of other items. Why should you inventory them? Because it's more than property — it's your memories, hobbies, and livelihoods; and by doing so, you greatly increase the chances of recovery and payout on claims when those items are lost, stolen, or left behind.

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